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A strong brand is so much more than a logo and colour scheme. Well designed and consistent branding can set your business apart from its competitors, promote products and services in the eyes of consumers, cultivate brand loyalty to retain customers, and bolster competitive advantage in crowded markets.

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression to your target audience so why not make it a meaningful and long-lasting one? Without a ‘well thought out’ strategy, your brand will not fulfil its potential.

First we discuss, then we plan, and finally we execute. From market research and competitor analysis to brand positioning and perception, we will work out exactly how to navigate your brand to be market leaders in your industry.

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What Is Your Vision?

During the discovery stage, we make it our priority to learn about you and your brand. Before we even begin the strategy, it is important that we have the context as to ‘why’.

All the things that drive your passion whether directly linked to the brand or not, can prove helpful when creating the business. We look out for key insights of information that can help establish your brand personality. positioning and so on. Once we have established a clearer idea of your aspirations, we move onto our own research phase.

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Data Underpinning Strategy

Our approach to brand strategy is always underpinned by data in order to make an impactful brand that will be successful amongst its chosen audience. When researching, we comb through an array of sources in order to get a well-rounded understanding of the industry and identifying your target markets. Whatever your business, our research is always focused on gaining a competitive edge for you.

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The Final Go-Ahead

Once the brand strategy is completed, we arrange a call to present it. We are always open to constructive feedback and give clients time to reflect and think about the strategy. If there are any notes and revisions needed, we will work with you until you are happy with everything. Once the brand strategy is given the sign-off, we can move on to other branding services.

What is the difference between Advertising and Branding?

Branding is a long-term promise that your company consistently wants to be known for among all the audiences that are important to your success.

Advertising is designed to accomplish short-term objectives like selling a product, starting a trend, or raising awareness.

What are the 4 types of well known Brands?

Product brands: Nike

Service brands: Uber

Corporate brands: Apple

Personal brands: Tony Robbins

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Brand Strategy

A solid brand strategy speaks on behalf of the business, it defines the business, and it moulds customer perception. We create brand strategies that are authentic, comprehensive, unique and packed with competitive advantage.

Brand Identity

Strong brand identities nurture consumer affinity, build trust, and create loyalty. They also differentiate brands from competitors in saturated markets. We find what’s bespoke about your brand, and present you with a memorable and recognisable brand identity that supports your marketing strategy and propels your marketing efforts.

Brand Naming

Naming your brand based on a brand strategy is an important step - and often the hardest. That’s why we make it easier and more fruitful by following a defined and proven process to give you a name that is meaningful, that you personally identify with, and capable of driving your brand’s narrative.


Clive Briggs, Managing Director from Signs4Golf

Clive Briggs

Managing Director


We engaged with Ronan Joyce after a recommendation from a mutual business colleague. The finished brochure, price list and accompanying stationery he designed for us give our business the premium feel we were after, and the feedback from our clients has been superb. I would highly recommend Ronan

Kevin Keane, Managing Director from Keanes Garden Centre

Kevin Keane

Managing Director

Keanes Garden Centre

Ronan Joyce designed our corporate identity. He was very thorough about gaining an understanding of the business during the planning stage, and provided us with lots of great ideas and advice during the design stage. Ronan is very creative and I enjoyed working with him, and I’m very happy to endorse his skills.

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